Unethical, Illegal or Both?

Imagine that you started your restaurant with plenty of forethought, expecting a substantial share of your revenue coming from the high way traffic flowing not too far from your location. You were smart and you chose your location well. However, suddenly one day you discover that some other company (that you do not even care […]

Portal Orders: Short on Sweet and Long on Sour

As many of you know, we have written extensively on the dynamics of emerging online environment with a focus on its consequences for the restaurants and restaurant operators. Taking online orders from portals has its advantages and its disadvantages. For a great insightful article, please click here. Here is the summary and other thoughts: High Charges: […]

Seamless in bed with Grubhub: What does it mean for you?

The press is awash with the buzz about the two big portal players getting bigger by merginging together. Of course bloggers and talking heads rattle off eye popping numbers (daily online orders / profitability / immense value and so on) meant to impress the reader and give an impression that life will never be the […]

Web Strategy: Are you a smart operator in the new world of online orders?

Recently an online portal pitched something similar to the following offer: “Give 20% discount to online orders coming from our portal and we’ll promote your restaurant to 70,000+ of our customers”. As a restaurant owner, you: a) Sign-up (what’s there to lose?) b) Ignore the promotion because you already get PLENTY of orders from the […]

Is your Portal a Loan Shark?

Times are tough and restaurant owners are not immune to the rough environment. High fixed costs and fierce competition force the restaurant owners to do whatever it takes to increase the business volume, making them vulnerable. Just as loan sharks exploit the vulnerable, some restaurant portals have come up with similar strategy to exploit the […]

Web Strategy: Most Important is Often the Simplest….

Online ordering is critical and nothing can over state the importance, particularly if you are interested in catering to the coming generations. Over the last 12-18 months, we have observed a growing number of restaurant operators who find themselves in a sticky situation. Many “Restaurant Operators do not OWN their URL”. This is a disaster […]

Encouraging Repeat Business through Loyal Rewards: More Smart Marketing Strategies for Local Restaurant Owners

There are few things restaurateurs find more satisfying than watching their tables fill up with familiar faces. Repeat customers, the kind that keep coming back for birthdays, anniversaries, or just to grab a quick bite on a Friday night, are crucial for the success of any restaurant. According to global management experts Bain & Co., […]